CEOs and entrepreneurs are puzzled over whether or not to redesign their business websites, why and when to do it, and what might be the benefits, if any. This essay explores the fundamental reasons in favor of a well-designed web application.

Fresh and Design the Website | artwork by Sergei Nikolajev

You knock on a door of a company you’ve never heard of before. Three seconds have passed; the door opens and you enter the premises.

You can see the windows right across the room opposite to the wall you’re standing next to. But even though it is a beautiful sunny…

Have you ever quit waiting for a website to load and went on to do something else? Turns out, you are not the only one who does that. In fact, your business website suffers the same fate and costs your company a lot of money. By the end of this essay you will have the evidence that poor website speed has a negative impact on your company’s bottom line.

A computer screen with the word “Speed” on it, a “awezzom” company logo at the bottom right corner, two horses running
Website Speed Optimization | Artwork by Sergei Nikolajev

Multiple studies conducted by authoritative organizations show that the slower the web application, the less traffic, SERP ratings and conversions it gets, while bounce rates increase; in other words: people leave the queue to your digital office premises before your staff even have had a chance to greet them. …

Branding is often confused with marketing; brand is mistaken for visual identity; business owners, CEOs and founders are baffled. This essay explores what a brand strategy is, what it consists of, how it can be helpful, who should get involved and when.

The Brand Strategy — TWIGSAP | Artwork by Sergei Nikolajev

Having been engaged in business development for over 16 years I had bumped into concepts of both marketing and branding on a regular basis without paying much attention to either of the latter two. I used to believe that these activities are a load of bollocks; that they were artificially…

Entrepreneurs, C-suite executives and founders who had experienced brand strategy sessions know very well how these exercises are capable of providing invaluable insights into the core of the company, its customers and business goals. This essay explores nine additional elements that will make your next brand strategy workshop deeper.

The Deep Brand Strategy | Artwork by Sergei Nikolajev

The Internet, free trade and global economy have changed the landscape: markets became wider and deeper, communication channels — diverse and unexpected; customers — empowered and mobile. …

Sergei Nikolajev

Aiding Brands and Startups to Align Their Values with Customers’ Expectations in a most Meaningful Way; Founder @awezzom Digitial Brand Strategy Design agency

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